Terms & Conditions

  • By registering on our website, you consent to us collecting basic data (such as your name, e-mail and physical address, and telephone number), purely for our reporting service and sending accounts or service communications.
  • Vet Imaging Specialists offer a personalized comprehensive, rapid teleradiology and consultation service to veterinary practices in South Africa, Africa and worldwide.
  • Our service runs Monday through to Friday with the exception of public holidays, and weekends [where service may vary, please check our site when you submit a case, where this information be displayed].
  • We aim for a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time from the moment the images are received. Should there for some reason be a delay in giving a report the practice will be notified by e-mail or telephonically if urgent.
  • Please note that we do not offer emergency image interpretation [STAT service].
  • A complete written report will be sent to your practice by e-mail to your hospital, to the e-mail provided upon registration.
  • All cases are read by South African Veterinary Council registered specialist radiologists, or in rare cases, a European or American board-certified radiologist if the South African radiologists are not available.
  • Note that our radiologists can only give an opinion based on images provided and the case history. You, as the attending veterinarian are ultimately responsible for the management and treatment of the case. This means you take responsibility for the case and the radiologist cannot be held liable for any matters relating to patient care and disease condition outcome. Note that as this is a teleradiology service the radiologist providing the report may not be registered as a specialist in your country.
  • We welcome any feedback on cases and encourage communication between ourselves and the referring veterinarian in order to provide to best service to the pet and the owner.
  • Payment is at the time of submission. Interest will be charged at on accounts that are more than 30 days outstanding and services to the practice will be suspended. The referring veterinarian is responsible for the account and Vet Imaging Specialists does not send accounts to owners. Please contact us for alternative account arrangements, if you are using our services regularly.
  • Software and technical support for our service will be supplied but there is no guarantee of response time,  as this is often out of our hands (for example, hosting company, network coverage).
  • Should you not submit any images for a 12 month period your access to the website will be discontinued.

Last updated May 2021