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Veterinary Teleradiology

Teleradiology provides rapid turnaround times (the report should be returned to you within 24 hours). Teleradiology cuts out the often unreliable post office, as well as costs of courier companies, saving you money that can be spent on your communications network or other aspects of your practice.

You need to have a digital imaging system for radiograph submission Рeither Computed Radiography (CR) or Digital Radiography (DR). Once you are a registered user and have a username and password for our website, your images can be submitted to our server, which is designed to ensure reliability, security and stability of transmission. Your practice will have to have broadband access e.g. fibre, ADSL line or 3-G card. Our system can accept images from any make of digital system allowing fast and efficient reporting. We use efficient DICOM compression technology to communicate efficiently between your hospital, the server and our computers. We unfortunately do not accept JPEG images as our diagnostic capabilities are compromised on these images as image quality cannot be manipulated (e.g. brightness and contrast to optimize visibility of available image information). We are automatically informed if you have uploaded images which are then reported on. The report is sent to you via e-mail and is also available online with your images. Telephonic communication may also take place in complicated cases or cases that require additional imaging procedures. You will need your username and password again to view images and reports online.

Please contact us at if you require information on submitting hard copy (film) images.

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