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The veterinary radiologist can play an active role in the management of your pet’s health including certifying them for hip and elbow dysplasia and evaluating images of your sick pet where your veterinarian does not feel confident to make a diagnosis, or if the imaging changes are unusual. The veterinary radiologist can assist your veterinarian to make the appropriate diagnostic imaging choices to make a diagnosis as well as ensuring the correct interpretation of the images, particularly in more advanced imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT).

In the veterinary field, interpretation of x-ray, ultrasound and other modality images can be done by a number of people including your private veterinarian, technologists and human radiologists. These people have varying degrees of expertise in performing complete studies and the interpretation thereof in the veterinary field. The specialist veterinary radiologist, after considering your patient’s history and clinical presentation, can ensure the maximum benefit is gained from any imaging procedure performed. Note that your radiographs or other images must be submitted via your veterinarian, who is also responsible for your account. You thus pay the radiologist’s fee to your veterinarian.

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